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Union leaders, members rally against BNSF’s Hi-Viz attendance policy

“Imagine if your life was a scorecard and you were allowed 30 points. You only get 4 points for working for 14 days. You can’t get sick. You wife can’t get sick. You can’t get a car wreck,” Fort Madison resident and railroad retiree Jeff Kurtz told a group of 40 some attending the Lee County Labor Chapter’s rally Sunday afternoon opposing BNSF’s policy known as “Hi-Viz.”

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FRA launches corridor ID program

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has established the Corridor Identification and Development (ID) Program that “will serve as a key vehicle for directing federal investments and technical assistance toward new or improved intercity passenger rail services across the nation.” Amtrak expressed its support.

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Deadline approaches for BLET’s Denver regional meeting

Those planning to attend the BLET’s upcoming regional meeting in Denver, Colorado, are reminded that the deadline to make hotel reservations is Friday, May 13, 2022. The meeting will be held June 13-17, 2022.

Barbara McLaughlin, 1934-2022

Barbara McLaughlin, the wife of late BLE International President Ronald P. McLaughlin, passed away on April 16, 2022. She was 87 years old. Ron McLaughlin served the former Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers as International President from 1991-1996, and he passed away at the age of 92 on November 12, 2021. The couple was married for more than 67 years.

Speak out now: Railroad attendance policies unsafe

BLET members and their families are urged to alert the White House and their members of Congress about the dangerous attendance policies imposed by Class I freight railroads by using the BLET’s new legislative outreach platform — “Take Action” — which been activated for the first time for use in this campaign.

CBC Unions reject lump-sum offers, seek proffer of arbitration

The Coordinated Bargaining Coalition released the following statement on April 25, 2022: On January 24, 2022, after more than two years of bargaining with the major U.S. Class I railroads, the 10 Rail Unions bargaining as part of the Coordinated Bargaining Coalition...

BLET’s Fifth National Convention

The BLET’s national conventions are held quadrennially, or once every four years. Approximately 475 delegates will represent more than 33,000 active locomotive engineers and trainmen throughout the United States.