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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, December 19 — As prescribed by the Election Rules for the 2022 BLET National Division Officers Election, National Secretary-Treasurer Stephen J. Bruno has announced the election results of the National Division Officers election. A total of 26 National Division Officers and Alternates were all elected by acclamation to four-year terms of office beginning on January 1, 2023.

The newly-elected National Division officers are:

National President — Edward A. Hall

First Vice President — Mark L. Wallace

National Secretary-Treasurer — David P. Estes

Vice President & National Legislative Representative — Vince G. Verna

Vice President No. 1 — William P. Lyons

Vice President No. 2 — L. Randy Fannon

Vice President No. 3 — Peter M. Semenek

Vice President No. 4 — Rick C. Gibbons

Vice President No. 5 — James P. Louis

Vice President No. 6 — Garrison D. Best

Vice President No. 7 — J. Alan Holdcraft

Trustee No. 1 — Patrick T. Driscoll

Trustee No. 2 — Kyle J. Bagby

Trustee No. 3 — Richard E. Crow

Alternate National Secretary-Treasurer — Megan C. Mead

Alternate Vice President No. 1 — James Logan

Alternate Vice President No. 2 — Kevin J. Sexton

Alternate Vice President No. 3 — Jeff L. Thurman

Alternate Vice President No. 4 — Patrick T. Driscoll

Alternate Vice President No. 5 — M. Robby Cunningham

Alternate Vice President No. 6 — Dewayne L. Dehart

Alternate Vice President No. 7 — Brian P. Carr

Alternate Vice President No. 8 — W. Keith Kerley

Alternate Vice President No. 9 — Jerry G. Sturdivant

Alternate Vice President and National Legislative Representative No. 1 — Shane Hubbard

Alternate Vice President and National Legislative Representative No. 2 — Brendan P. Sullivan

A copy of NST Bruno’s letter is available for download from the BLET National Division website: