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(Source: North Platte Telegraph, August 8, 2022)

Bailey Yard workers are more prone to give up on railroading after three years of layoffs followed by COVID-19, a North Platte rail union leader told an AFL-CIO virtual “town hall” last week. Mike Gage, president of Local 1920 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, spoke second among 15 U.S. members of individual craft unions during Thursday’s hour-long forum related to rail labor negotiations with the nation’s major railroads. In further comments at the forum’s end, Gage said he has seen Bailey employees “with 10, 15, 20 years walking away from this job and quitting. That used to be unheard of, you know. And I think these factors are just a byproduct of the deteriorating work environment that we have out there and the attitude of the work force.”

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