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Arbitration Department

The Arbitration Department is also responsible for all BLET NRAB First Division cases. National Vice President Peter Semenek and Director of Arbitration Doug Davidson are responsible for representing the BLET at the NRAB, and alternate between Chairmanships on the Board which rotate between the carriers and labor organizations each year.

The Arbitration Department maintains an arbitration data base that catalogs all National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB) First Division cases, as well as other noteworthy awards from other Divisions of the NRAB, as well as BLET Public Law Boards and Special Boards of Adjustment. The data base is available to all General Committees. In addition to maintaining the data base, the Arbitration Department continuously communicates with General Chairmen and Local Chairmen concerning pending cases. Additionally, it maintains the FRA Certification Help Line that dispenses information to union officers and members concerning certification matters.

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