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(Source: Amtrak press release, November 6, 2023)

Amtrak has been awarded nearly $10 billion in Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) funding from the Biden-Harris Administration to modernize critical infrastructure, improve stations and support future ridership growth on the Northeast Corridor (NEC). This historic funding comes at a critical time as NEC ridership continues to rise, consistently exceeding pre-pandemic levels since early summer as Amtrak delivers a new era of passenger rail.

The grants announced today will support 12 Amtrak-led projects through the FRA’s Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Program (Fed-State NEC):

  • Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program (up to $4.7B)
  • Susquehanna River Rail Bridge Project (up to $2.08B)
  • East River Tunnel Rehabilitation Project (up to $1.26B)
  • Connecticut River Bridge Replacement Project (up to $826.64M)
  • Dock Bridge Rehabilitation Project (up to $300.18M)
  • Sawtooth Bridges Replacement Project (up to $133.32M)
  • Baltimore Penn Station Redevelopment (up to $108.32M)
  • Pelham Bay Bridge Replacement Project (up to $58.27M)
  • Gunpowder River Bridge Replacement Program (up to $30M)
  • NEC South End Infrastructure Renewal and Speed Improvement Planning Study (up to $21.6M)
  • Bush River Bridge Replacement Program (up to $18.8M)
  • New Haven to Providence Capacity Planning Study (up to $4M)

Another 13 NEC projects led by Amtrak’s partners also received funding, including:

  • Hudson Tunnel Project – Gateway Development Commission (up to $3.79B)
  • Penn Station Access – MTA (up to $1.64B)
  • Walk Bridge Replacement Project – CTDOT (up to $465M)
  • Devon Bridge Replacement Project – CTDOT (up to $245.92M)
  • Delco Lead – NJ TRANSIT (up to $180.9M)
  • New Haven Line Power Improvement Program – CTDOT (up to $122.8M)
  • Devon Bridge Interim Repairs – CTDOT (up to $119.32M)
  • Hartford Line Rail Program Double Track (Phase 3B) Project – CTDOT (up to $104.86M)
  • New Haven Line Track Improvement and Mobility Enhancement Part 1 and 3 – CTDOT (up to $71.64M)
  • Newark Penn Station Vertical Circulation Improvements – NJ TRANSIT (up to $59.2M)
  • Reconstruction of Cornwells Heights Station – SEPTA (up to $30.5M)
  • Saugatuck River Bridge Replacement – CTDOT (up to $23.2M)
  • New Haven Line Network Infrastructure Upgrade Project – CTDOT (up to $15.4M)

Visit the Federal Railroad Administration website to view additional details, including project descriptions and funding details.

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