FRA Certification Helpline: (216) 694-0240

As announced on November 10 (, the BLET has reached a tentative agreement for more than 1,400 locomotive engineers who operate Amtrak’s passenger and commuter trains. Ballots were mailed on November 15.

Eligible members who have not received a ballot packet by Thursday, November 30, should call the National Division at (216) 241-2630, extension 222. When connected with the extension, please leave the following information:

• your name, address and phone number;

• your local division number;
• the date you were promoted to locomotive engineer;
• your date of birth;
• the last four digits of your Social Security number; and
• your email address.

TrueBallot, Inc. is conducting the balloting process and will issue replacement ballots by email only. Therefore, members who do not leave a voicemail with their email address will not receive a replacement ballot. Results will be announced by the National Secretary-Treasurer on December 6, 2023.