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BLET member Andrew Monheim was killed in the line of duty on March 16, 2010, following the collision of two Union Railroad freight trains near Pittsburgh, Pa.

Monheim, 54, was a member of BLET Division 700 located in Braddock, Pa. He is survived by his wife and 12 year-old-son. Brother Monheim, 54, was a member of the Brotherhood for 31 years, having joined on August 1, 1978. He worked for the Union Railroad for 35 years.

According to preliminary reports, Brother Monheim was operating a train of empties when it collided with a train carrying iron ore pellets to U.S. Steel’s Edgar Thompson Plant in North Braddock, Pa.

The trains were operated by Union Railroad, part of Transtar Inc., a transportation subsidiary of U.S. Steel. The Edgar Thomson plant is part of U.S. Steel’s Mon Valley Works and produces steel slabs.