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Using new technology that makes it easy for BLET members and their families to send letters to government leaders, engineers in New Jersey are reaching out to their legislative representatives with messages about NJ Transit’s misplaced priorities, wasteful spending, and stalling at the bargaining table. Union activists are seeking support for BLET’s ongoing contract campaign. NJ Transit’s engineers have gone four years without a raise. In September, NJ Transit’s engineers voted to authorize a strike. The BLET’s mobilization effort comes at a critical time as all members of New Jersey’s State Assembly and State Senate are up for reelection on November 7.   Rather than just a form letter, union members in New Jersey and their supporters have the ability to easily add text reflecting their personal views to the core advocacy message being used this week in the Garden State. The software program also directs their message to the correct address. Below is an example of the messages being sent to statehouse email addresses:  “I want to call to your attention that locomotive engineers employed by New Jersey Transit, members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen, have been working without a pay increase for the past four years. NJT’s managers have unwisely chosen to prioritize spending $440 million for lavish new executive offices at a time when the people who keep the trains moving haven’t seen a dime.” “Right now, with only one exception, NJ Transit’s engineers are the lowest paid locomotive engineers in commuter rail service in the United States. We need your help. Millions spent so bureaucrats can enjoy penthouse views and not a dime for train crews is wrong and no way to run a railroad that New Jersey’s citizens depend on.” “As my representative in Trenton please use your influence to support fair treatment and raises for locomotive engineers who have gone four years without an increase in pay — the essential workers who kept the trains moving during the worst days of the pandemic — please tell NJT’s managers to stop stalling and settle a contract with BLET that brings NJT’s engineers closer to the wage rates at other commuter railroads.” More than 1,000 letters from constituents and likely voters — who are either BLET members, family members or members of the Teamsters — have been blasted  over the past week to all members of the State Senate and Assembly.