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CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs recently discussed how poorly Class I railroads treat their employees. Photo: courtesy Eric Williams

In November, CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs spoke at a conference for investors and other rail industry stakeholders. As reported by, Hinrichs discussed the way Class I railroads treat their employees: “In a decade we changed… from being one of the most desired jobs to have, to people not recommending their sons, daughters, and nieces and nephews to even consider it.” In terms of Class I employee compensation, benefits, and work-life balance, Hinrichs said: “It’s a lifestyle. It’s hard. But if it’s miserable it’s not worth it. We make it miserable for a lot of people.”  Hinrichs said the railroad aims to “keep working hard to be part of the solution.” BLET National President Eddie Hall said, “The BLET remains skeptical as we continue to wait for Hinrichs to put his money where his mouth is. CSX has reached paid sick leave agreements with all other rail unions except BLET.”