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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: “Just basic common sense to me says that you at least want to have two people on board a train that might be carrying hazardous materials, that might be going at a high speed through communities.” IBT Image

In a February 3 interview with National Public Radio, timed to the one-year anniversary of the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg took a forceful stand on the issue of two-person trains that aligns with BLET’s long-standing position on rail safety and technology.

The BLET supports proven technologies as an added layer of safety to help protect railroad workers and the general public. Regarding two-person train crews, Buttigieg said that railroads should have an engineer and conductor in the cab AND use proven technology and safety devices in conjunction with the crew.

To listen to the full interview, or to read a transcript, please visit the National Public Radio website.