FRA Certification Helpline: (216) 694-0240

(Source: Press release from the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, March 1, 2024)

Shop Craft Unions at the BNSF Railway are urgently calling upon the FRA to initiate unannounced focus inspections on all locomotives and rail cars owned and leased by BNSF Railway, and immediately issue non-compliance orders requiring BNSF to fix all found defects before being permitted to use such equipment, citing concerns over numerous defects that are allegedly being ignored and neglected by BNSF management. The letter comes on the heels of BNSF’s recent announcement of over 362 furloughs in the Shop Craft Unions, further exacerbating concerns over safety and maintenance practices. The defects and recent extreme cuts to the workforce pose serious safety risks to railroad operations and personnel.

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