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Many BLET members were on hand along with Ohio Rep. Sean Brennan to throw their support behind HB 381 that would rename a northeast Ohio highway interchange to honor fallen Brother Lou Shuster.

Ohio State Legislative Board Chairman John Esterly reports that the Ohio legislature is considering a measure to honor fallen BLET Division 607 President Louis P. Shuster. House Bill 381 would designate the interchange between I-480 and West 150th Street in Cleveland as the “Louis P. Shuster Memorial Interchange.” At a committee hearing on February 13, Rep. Sean Brennan and BLET Division 607 Local Chairman Pat Redmond both gave testimony to a packed room with BLET members from across the state in attendance. Esterly said the bill was passed unanimously out of Committee and should see a floor vote in the House in April. Brother Shuster was tragically killed in a collision at a Norfolk Southern rail yard in Cleveland in early 2023.

To see the testimony from Rep. Brennan and Brother Redmond, please advance to just before the 11-minute mark in this video.

Esterly also reports that the BLET is working in conjunction with the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division in Ohio to support HB 372. The “Stop, Look, and Listen” rail safety bill would require drivers to stop, look, and listen for on-track maintenance equipment when approaching railroad crossings. Testimony and discussion regarding HB 372 begins just after the 42-minute mark here.

To view photo highlights from these hearings, please click here.

Virginia State Legislative Board Chairman Tim Craver reports that the state’s two-person crew bill is now awaiting for the Governor’s signature. Senate Bill143 was approved by both chambers of the state’s legislature and is now waiting action under the state’s 7-day rule. That means if the legislative body submits it to the Governor during session, the Governor will have 7 days to act on it. If the body decides to submit it to the Governor after session, then the Governor will have 35 days to act. This year’s session ends on March 9.

“This is a big win in Virginia for rail safety, for the public, and for the men and women working on Virginia’s railroads,” Brother Craver said.