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BLET Division 6 member Bryce A. Grail with his daughter Ella and her national finalist art piece. Vote for her at the link below!

The talented daughter of a BLET member could soon have her art on the Google homepage for hundreds of millions to see. And with your help, she could also win a $55,000 college scholarship.

Ella Grail, a 9th grader at Ames High School in Ames, Iowa, is the daughter of BLET locomotive engineer Bryce A. Grail. Ella was selected as one of the 55 finalists in Google’s annual Doodle for Google competition, a contest where K-12 students across the United States have the opportunity to create their own version of the Google logo.

Brother Grail works for the Union Pacific Railroad out of Eagle Grove, Iowa. He is a member of BLET Division 6 (Boone, Iowa) where he serves as 2nd Vice Local Chairman.

As the finalist representing the state of Iowa, Ella is now in a competition to become the National Winner. That honor includes a $55,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 tech package for her high school.

Public voting will determine the contest winner, and BLET members are encouraged to vote and help propel Ella to victory. Voting is open now until June 4. Google will announce five national finalists in late May. Please cast your vote for Ella Grail from Iowa at this link (click the link for “grades 8-9” and select the Google Doodle for Iowa):