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State Chairman Mike Walker and members of the Iowa State Legislative Board have been hard at work this year signing up new members to voluntarily contribute to the Brotherhood’s Political Action Committee Fund (BLET PAC Fund). Last week, Brother Walker presented a gold BLET watch and certificate to Brother Corey Ryman of Division 125 (Clinton, Iowa) in recognition of his generous, recurring donation of $50.00 per month. “Voluntary contributions to the BLET PAC Fund help to make the union’s voice heard at the state, local, and national levels,” said Vince Verna, BLET Vice President and National Legislative Representative. “I thank Brother Ryman for his generosity, and I also thank Brother Walker and the officers of the Iowa State Legislative Board for their dedication to growing the BLET PAC Fund.” Anyone with questions about the BLET PAC Fund should contact their Division Secretary-Treasurer, State Legislative Board Chairman, or call the BLET’s National Legislative Office at: (202) 624-6800.