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This week, the BLET National Division hosted 26 Local Chairmen for a training class at National Division headquarters in Independence, Ohio. The in-depth training helped those attending to develop and enhance the skills necessary to provide the best representation possible to BLET members. The lead instructors were BLET Vice President Randy Fannon and Director of the BLET Arbitration Department Doug Davidson. Course topics included, but were not limited to: Representing members at disciplinary hearings, union leadership skills, claim/grievance handling, arbitration, along with appeal and letter writing. Instructors also provided an overview of the Railway Labor Act, including Section 3 and Section 6 Notices. BLET National Secretary-Treasurer David Estes, who heads the BLET Education & Training Department, said: “Our Local Chairmen are the first line of defense in protecting the rights of our members and enforcing BLET contracts. It is a tough job and these union officers deserve our support and respect. Congratulations to the Brothers who successfully completed training this week.”