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Officers and guests at the Union Pacific-Southern Region GCA’s quadrennial meeting on May 20.

James Logan Jr. of BLET Division 620 (Fort Worth, Texas) was reelected by acclamation to the office of General Chairman at the Union Pacific-Southern Region General Committee of Adjustment’s quadrennial meeting in San Antonio on May 20, 2024.

The UP-SR GCA is comprised of 28 BLET Divisions and represents more than 2,700 active and retired members. A second-generation railroader, Brother Logan hired out in 1995 with the UP in Fort Worth, Texas. He joined the BLET in 1999 and served as Local Chairman of Division 620 from 2009-2018. He was first elected General Chairman in 2020.

Also elected during the 2024 quadrennial meeting were: 1st Vice Chairman Scott P. Alexander, Division 523 (Chickasha, Okla.); 2nd Vice Chairman John M. Prokop, Division 475 (Smithville, Texas); 3rd Vice Chairman Tyler Gray, Division 775 (Victoria, Texas); 4th Vice Chairman Kevin DeArment, Division 139 (Houston, Texas) and Secretary-Treasurer Jason G. Ogden, Division 711 (Baytown, Texas).

The following alternate officers were also elected: 1st Alternate Vice Chairman Randolph Willis IV, Division 531 (Livonia, La.); 2nd Alternate Vice Chairman Jeff Tryon, Division 179 (Parsons, Kan.); and Alternate Secretary-Treasurer E. Neil Cain, Division 857 (Tyler, Texas). Elected to serve as Trustees were: Randolph Willis IV, Division 531 (Livonia, La.); Kevin DeArment, Division 139 (Houston, Texas); and Cliff Horton, Division 212 (Sweetwater, Texas).