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On January 15, a majority of members from BLET Divisions 72 and 191 ratified an implementing agreement regarding CSX Transportation’s acquisition of the Springfield Terminal Railway (a Pan Am Railway affiliate). The agreement covers approximately 30 BLET members and addresses changes in operations and the merging of workforces following the acquisition. The CSXT/BLET Single System Agreement is now the applicable collective bargaining agreement for locomotive engineers formerly employed by Springfield Terminal.

Members of the BLET negotiating team included General Chairman Kevin Moore (STR-DH-SLR-MMA), Vice General Chairman Matt LaFrenier (STR-DH-SLR-MMA), General Chairman Pat Driscoll (Conrail/CSXT Northern District), General Chairman Brian Farkas (CSXT-Northern Lines), National Vice President Alan Holdcraft, and National Vice President Randy Fannon.

In late 2020, CSXT announced plans to acquire the Pan Am Railways system, which operates throughout New England, for $601 million. The Surface Transportation Board approved the acquisition in April of 2022.