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Brother Ray Vigil was reelected Chairman at the New Jersey State Legislative Board’s quadrennial meeting on March 12, 2024. A Norfolk Southern locomotive engineer, Brother Vigil is a member of BLET Division 226 (Newark, N.J.). He was elected 1st Vice Chairman in 2020, and was elevated to the Chairman’s office in 2022.

Also reelected by acclamation were: 1st Vice Chairman Mel Caban, Division 272 (Dover, N.J.); 2nd Vice Chairman James Deluca, Division 171 (Hoboken, N.J.); Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Arias, Division 157 (Jersey City, N.J.); and Alternate Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Gabriel, Division 601 (Newark, N.J.). Elected to serve as Trustees were: Kevin Gabriel, Division 601 (Newark, N.J.); Mel Caban, Division 272 (Dover, N.J.); and Leroy Hurley, Division 387 (Camden, N.J.) Elected to serve as Alternate Trustees were: James Deluca, Division 171 (Hoboken, N.J.); James Wilson, Division 373 (Trenton, N.J.); and John Dawes, Division 53 (Jersey City, N.J.).

The New Jersey State Legislative Board represents 11 BLET Local Divisions and more than 1,400 active and retired members from various freight and commuter railroads.

Chairman Vigil with speakers during the New Jersey SLB meeting: VP & NLR Vince Verna; National S-T David Estes; and SLB S-T Andrew Arias