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The 2024 edition of “On the Right Track,” the Local Division nomination and election procedure manual, is now available for download from the Members’ Area of the BLET website and in the Document Library in UnionTrack. Copies were also mailed to Division Presidents, Secretary-Treasurers, General Chairmen, and State Legislative Board Chairmen.

Triennial elections for all BLET Divisions will be held this year, beginning this fall, with nominations at each Division’s first regular meeting in September. The “On the Right Track” election manual will assist the officers who oversee the election process and members who are interested in running for office.

If you are a Division Secretary-Treasurer, you also serve as an election official for your Division, and you will receive a packet of election-related materials from the National Division in the coming days. Updated copies of the Notice of Nominations and the Authorized Nomination Form are now available in the Document Library in UnionTrack. These forms have been updated for the 2024 triennial election cycle, so please do not make the mistake of using old forms from the 2021 election cycle.

Because determinations of eligibility to run for office may involve an interpretation of the BLET Bylaws, any eligibility questions must be submitted, in writing and via a signed letter, to National President Edward A. Hall.

A username and password must be used to log into the Members’ Area of the BLET National Division website to download the 2024 edition of “On the Right Track” (PDF). It is available here:

If you are a BLET member and you do not have a username and password, you can sign up for one here: