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President Hall exposes dangers of long trains in Washington Post interview

Long trains have been a major safety issue for several years now, especially since the introduction of so-called Precision Scheduled Railroading by Class I railroads throughout the United States. The BLET has argued that these long trains put profits over safety — the safety train crews who operate the trains and the citizens of towns that these trains regularly traverse.

The BLET is actively fighting to help protect its members and the general public by advocating for common sense legislation at the state and national level that would limit train length. As part of our fight, BLET National President recently spoke to the Washington Post for an exposé about the dangers of long trains.

President Hall told The Post that long trains blocking paramedics and other first responders from getting to emergencies is a major problem for local communities, and it is putting lives in danger. “When you have first responders trying to get from one side of the track to another, in a small town like that, you’re putting the public safety at risk,” Hall said.

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