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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, September 8 — The Benefits of Belonging to the BLET include numerous legal and contractual advantages, as well as certain benefits available only to members of our Brotherhood and their families. Among these is the BLET Critical Illness (CI) and Accident Insurance (ACC) Plan.

BLET members have bravely worked throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and have kept America moving. This essential service also involved sacrifice, as being exposed to the COVID-19 virus in one’s daily work environment creates unforeseen stress levels, health impacts and potential for accidents not just at work, but also at home.

The BLET Critical Illness and Accident Open Enrollment in June saw more members enroll in these important coverages than in any previous open enrollment. Because of a significant spike in COVID cases and concern over the Delta variant of the virus, we have arranged for a Special Open Enrollment for the Critical Illness and Accident Plan, which is open to all active, dues paying members of the BLET and their families.

There are new important improvements to the plan that are highlighted below. Please call Cornerstone Benefits Management with any questions or to enroll at 224-770-5307 or go online to

WHAT’S NEW IN 2021 –

  • COVID-19 Rider – People everywhere are concerned about COVID-19. In response, we have added a COVID-19 Benefit to the BLET Critical Illness Plan. This cash benefit will assist with expenses should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 and confined in an intensive care unit (ICU) for 5 days or longer.
  • Increased Benefits
  • Member and Spouse can now elect up to $40,000 (previously was $20,000 for employee and $10,000 for spouse)
    • Child(ren) can be covered up to $20,000 at no additional cost (previously was $10,000)
  • Enhanced Wellness Benefit (now $100 for CI that includes payout for Children)
  • Increased Accident Payouts for most services and injuries

The BLET Critical Illness and Accident Plan is different from major medical insurance. It’s insurance for daily living. If you’re sick or injured, it pays cash benefits directly to you to help address out-of-pocket medical costs, everyday expenses — whatever you choose.

Members with questions are encouraged to call Cornerstone Benefits Management at 224-770-5307. Or go online to Open enrollment ends October 29, 2021.